Chelsea Clinton’s ‘Best Friend’ Got Dubious Government Contracts

hillarycheseaBill Gertz reports in the Washington Free Beacon that Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, assisted a personal friend of Chelsea Clinton in securing contracts from the Defense and State Departments. According to emails recently released by the State Department, Hillary went to bat for Jacqueline Newmyer Deal who heads a company called Long Term Strategy Group (LTSG), which secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in government contracts. From the story:

Good government advocates say the emails indicating Clinton sought to steer contracts to her daughter’s friend are troubling and appear to violate ethics rules.

“By now there is a strong pattern of Hillary Clinton showing bias in the dispensing of government funds and favors to a long list of friends, political supporters, and Clinton Foundation donors,” said Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center.

“It looks like she was single-handedly trying to revive the corrupt spoils system,” Boehm added. “As the old saying goes, sometimes things are what they look like.”

At least some of the work done by LTSG appears to be of dubious worth to the government or anyone else. From the story:

One Pentagon-sponsored report by the Long Term Strategy Group was titled “On the Nature of Americans as a Warlike People,” which argued “the United States will continue to use war as an instrument of state policy.” The conclusion was based on a demographic and cultural analysis that said the United States is governed by many Americans descended from the Scots-Irish, who are belligerent.