NFL Anthem Imbroglio Fault of Roger Goodell, Owners

In an opinion article published by the Daily Caller on September 11, 2014, I argued that the National Football League (NFL) had to get rid of Commissioner Roger Goodell for using the League to promote his own political views and allowing activists like Al Sharpton to drive his agenda. I wrote:

If the NFL is truly “America’s Game,” it should not involve itself in divisive social issues. Everyone should feel welcome to attend a game or watch on TV…

I do not know to what extent Goodell consults with the owners before going out and making his political statements. I suspect that at times he does not…

On Sunday afternoons (and now Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights, I guess) we should take a time out from politics. Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives should be able to sit down together and watch football. In this way, the NFL provides a common interest for people across social, economic and racial lines. The NFL can help unite us as a country and truly be “America’s Game.”

All this seems quaint now. Sharpton made possible Black Lives Matter, which made possible Colin Kaepernick. Acquiescence to Left-wing activists bent on destroying the country does not work. Their agenda is too big for appeasement. Once they had the NFL on the run, there was no turning back. When Dallas Cowboys players wanted to memorialize five murdered police officers, the answer was “no.”

In the 2014 piece, I noted my longstanding loyalty to the New England Patriots and my admiration for its owner, Robert Kraft. Prior to Sunday’s game, Kraft put out a statement saying he was “deeply disappointed by the tone” of President Trump’s criticisms of the League.

Of course, Trump did not create the anthem controversy. It began well before he was elected. All Trump did was point out that the NFL Emperor has no clothes. As for “tone,” who can forget the socks Kaepernick sported at training camp in 2016. They were illustrated with cops caricatured as pigs while police offices were being murdered and cities burned down. The NFL pretended Kaepernick’s protests were about something else.

But the racial activists behind Kaepernick, who spew hatred and promote violence, know the truth. The rest of the country is catching on, too.

Sunday’s game provided the usual excitement for Patriots fans. Tom Brady led another comeback, hitting anthem-kneeler Brandin Cooks with a touchdown pass in the final minute. It was another great moment, but somehow the fun of it all was gone.

The NFL has now succeeded in forcing fans to choose between loyalty to their team and loyalty to their country. Good work Mr. Goodell. I think I know which one is going to win.