Al Franken & Double Standards

This commentary was published today by the Daily Caller.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) now says that then-President Bill Clinton should have resigned in the wake of his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. One wonders if she would have made such a demand if she was in the Senate in 1988, or if Hillary had been elected last year. Her assertion is nonetheless the most prominent example of liberal revisionism about the Clintons.

Gillibrand is also making headlines by proposing an overhaul of way the Senate handles harassment claims. She is courageously going to bat for women in the past and in the future. What about the present? Well, it’s a little complicated. Gillibrand says that she believes the groping allegations of Al Franken first accuser (of course, there is a photo) and she is dishing off to charity the $12,500 she accepted from Franken’s political action committee.

Gillibrand won’t say, however, whether Franken should resign. The Senate is still the nation’s most exclusive club, and there are certain bridges that may be too far to breach. Gillibrand’s posturing would be more obvious had she not been provided with cover by Club President Mitch McConnell, who reacted to the initial Franken allegation by calling for an investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee, where ethics complaints go to die.

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