Senator Hassan Has Not Notified Victims of Data Theft

From the Daily Caller by Luke Rosiak, including comment by NLPC’s Tom Anderson:

Sen. Maggie Hassan’s computer system was hacked in what prosecutors called the “largest data theft in Senate history,” yet there is no evidence she informed constituents who may be at risk of identity theft as a result — despite being one of the most vocal advocates for laws requiring hacking victims to do just that.

The New Hampshire Democrat’s former IT aide Jackson Cosko was sentenced to four years in prison June 19 for pilfering essentially all the office’s data by paying another Hassan staffer to help him break into the office late at night. One of Hassan’s key issues in the Senate has been requiring companies to notify Americans whose personal information they fail to protect. Hassan sponsored a federal law to that end, but it has not passed.

A 2006 New Hampshire law enacted while Hassan was a state legislator requires “any person doing business in this state” to notify anyone whose private data they possess if their systems are hacked, exposing individuals’ data such as social security numbers. It is a crime to knowingly disregard the statute.

Constituents who came to Hassan for help called it a betrayal, while a government ethics expert said it was profound hypocrisy.

“What about all the data that was hijacked belonging to her constituents? This was an extensive theft of personal data. She should inform the victims of just what information was breached,” said Tom Anderson, a government ethics expert with the National Legal and Policy Center.

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