YouTube Demonetizes Video About Ilhan Omar FEC Complaint

According to a YouTuber known as Viva Frei, his video explaining our Complaint filed Wednesday has been demonetized. We have had no contact with him, and until now, had never heard of him. He has 108,000 subscribers to his channel and the Omar video has almost 15,000 views.

Viva Frei actually does a pretty good job breaking down the Complaint. In fact, his analysis is painstakingly neutral and compares favorably to some of the reports in the regular media. Viva Frei states in the comment section of his video:

So this video was demonetized off the bat – when it was unlisted with 3 views. I requested a manual review, and after review the video was remonetized. 8,500 views later, it was suddenly demonetized yet again. This is absurd… Could everyone tweet this video at YouTube and their team? It’s been absurd for a while. Now it’s just getting ridiculous.

There is nothing objectionable in this video, and nothing that comes close to violating YouTube’s terms of use. The only conclusion is that YouTube, which like Google is owned by Alphabet, continues to censor news that it does not like.

8/31/19, 9:35am- Viva Frei reports that the video has been remonetized. It’s received 24K views. It is a shame, and a disservice to Alphabet shareholders, that YouTubers who offer content that challenges the left-wing political views of company executives are subject to this kind of harassment. The bouncy and creative Viva Frei brings customers to YouTube, but the company puts politics before its own business.