NBC Asked to Correct Fake Account of Trump Reaction to Shooting

Today, the National Legal and Policy Center called upon NBC News and its White House Correspondent Kristen Welker to correct a blatantly false account of President Trump’s reaction yesterday at his press conference following the shooting that occurred near the White House, where he was escorted from the podium by Secret Service to the Oval Office.

When he returned several minutes later to the podium, there was a flurry of questions by the reporters as to what had occurred, whether he was escorted to the secure bunker in the White House, and other questions about the incident to which the president calmly responded with the basic information that was known to him.

One of the reporters, Kristen Welker, White House Correspondent for NBC News asked the following question at the 6:57 minute mark of the press conference:

Q. Kristen Welker: “Are you rattled at all by this Mr. President?”
A. President Trump:  “I don’t know, do I seem rattled”?

Shortly after the press conference, Ms. Welker appeared on MSNBC to report about the shooting incident and said: “I asked the President if he was rattled by all of this, he said “of course,” but he also expressed his gratitude to the Secret Service.”  Anyone watching President Trump’s calm and subdued demeanor would conclude that he was not rattled by shooting as Ms. Welker falsely led MSNBC viewers to believe. “Sadly, this is yet another shameful example of fake news by the major media that goes uncorrected.  Both NBC and Kristen Welker owe an apology and a correction to the viewers and her fellow White House correspondents for blatantly putting words in the President’s mouth to fit her narrative of an easily rattled President,” said Peter Flaherty, Chairman of NLPC.