What Does the Constitution Mean to Amazon?

Jeff Bezos

This opinion article by NLPC’s Carl Horowitz appeared on Townhall.com:

Of all the ways that a Biden presidency and its radical apparatchiks could “reset” America’s priorities, none would be as lethal as an overhaul or outright repeal of the Constitution. Such an event seems unlikely for now. But should it materialize, Amazon will have enabled it. How so?

On October 16, Amazon Prime Video debuted a film version of the Broadway stage production What the Constitution Means to Me. Conceived, written, and starring veteran playwright-actress Heidi Schreck, the play, mostly a monologue, ran for a few months during 2019, packing the Helen Hayes Theater. It won rave reviews from “woke” audiences and critics, receiving two Tony nominations and a Pulitzer nomination. Amazon, sufficiently impressed, bought the movie rights. Marielle Heller (The Diary of a Teenage GirlA Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood) directs the new adaptation, but otherwise it’s still Ms. Schreck’s show.

The play, running at 100 minutes, functions as political autobiography. That’s kind of the problem. Shreck is an advertisement for herself, heavy on the radicalism, psychodrama, and snark. Imagine Samantha Bee as a law professor, and you get the idea. 

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