Current Projects

Government Integrity Project

NLPC “blows the whistle” on government officials and interest groups engaged in questionable and illegal activities. NLPC has filed formal Complaints with a variety of authorities and regulators, including the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Election Commission, Internal Revenue Service and Congressional Ethics Committees.

NLPC also supports government integrity by utilizing and promoting use of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Corporate Integrity Project

NLPC seeks to promote integrity in corporate governance, including honesty and fair play in relationships with shareholders, employees, business partners and customers. In doing so, NLPC places special emphasis on:

  • Asserting that the social responsibility of the corporation is to defend and advance the interests of the people who own the company, the shareholders. True responsibility is fidelity to one’s own mission, not someone else’s, or someone else’s political agenda.
  • Exposing the seeking of influence on public officials by corporations, which is the inevitable result of high levels of government spending and intervention in the marketplace.
  • Combating practices that undermine the free enterprise system, including philanthropic giving to groups hostile to a free economy.

Organized Labor Accountability Project

NLPC makes the case for the end of the use of compulsory union dues for political purposes by exposing abuses by Organized Labor in its political and organizing activities. Since 1997, NLPC has become a high-profile and credible source for information on union corruption. Every two weeks, NLPC distributes a newsletter entitled Union Corruption Update by fax and email. The newsletter has been referenced in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and National Journal.