Does Amazon’s Omnipotence Call for New Political Alliances?

Amazon is affordable, comprehensive, convenient, dependable, and even enjoyable – and extremely dangerous to free speech and the democratic process. The efficiency that makes the online retailer such a compelling outlet to return to time and time again – for daily household needs, for impulse purchases, for big deals, for hosting your blog, and for watching […]

What Does the Constitution Mean to Amazon?

This opinion article by NLPC’s Carl Horowitz appeared on Of all the ways that a Biden presidency and its radical apparatchiks could “reset” America’s priorities, none would be as lethal as an overhaul or outright repeal of the Constitution. Such an event seems unlikely for now. But should it materialize, Amazon will have enabled it. How […]

Tech Giants Bankroll Extremists; Fuel False Narrative

Following the death of George Floyd at the hands of an out-of-control Minneapolis police officer, and demonstrations mixed with riots across the country, many American corporations weighed in with official statements or financial support for causes – or both. Unfortunately the involvement of some put them more on the side of divisiveness than unity, at […]

Bezos Throws Billion$ at Climate Extortionists

At the moment, can you think of a bigger man-child multi-billionaire than Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos? His behavior speaks of someone who was handed a massive inheritance and did nothing to earn it, rather than the from-the-bootstraps tech entrepreneur that he actually is. His billions (as the world’s wealthiest man, according to Forbes) […]

Corporate America Gets Behind Deceptively Named ‘Equality Act’

Much of corporate America is once again banding together to attack the social construct of the nation and many of its liberties, all in the name of conferring special rights and privileges upon individuals who don’t accept or acknowledge the gender they were born with. The occasion this time was to get behind the “Equality […]

Bezos’ ‘Hypocrisy’ Criticized at Amazon Annual Meeting on Sexual Harassment Shareholder Proposal

NLPC Chairman Peter Flaherty delivered these remarks today in support of the group’s shareholder resolution on sexual harassment at the Amazon annual meeting in Seattle: I CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHY MR. BEZOS OPPOSES THIS RESOLUTION TO COMBAT SEXUAL HARASSMENT. AFTER ALL, HE IS THE GREAT PROGRESSIVE AND ENLIGHTENED PUBLISHER OF THE WASHINGTON POST. MAYBE HE […]