More Local 91 Goons Plead Guilty; Ex- Mayor Talks

James C. Gaile was mayor of Niagara Falls, N.Y. in 1998 when hired hands belonging to Laborers Local 91 assaulted non-union workers at two hotel construction sites in the city. But was he privy to a secret agreement to look the other way? Gaile insists neither he nor any other public official gave approval to the goons’ behavior. But one of those indicted goons, Dominick Dellaccio, 60, who at one time was president and business manager of the local, may tell a different tale when he takes the witness stand next January at a federal racketeering trial.


The long reign of intimidation by Local 91 has been well-documented in these pages. But prosecutors think there’s a chance the union had some hidden help from City Hall. Gaile, 63, admits that he, then-Police Superintendent Anthony Fera, and then-City Administrator Anthony Restaino had a meeting with Dellaccio and other local officials Read More ➡