Moralizing CEOs Exert Pressure Over Guns and Abortion Laws

The trend for corporations to use their leverage to exert influence on divisive public policies escalated last week, with the potential of driving off a significant segment of their customer and investor base, in the name of self-styled “corporate social responsibility.” In the higher-profile examples, tech-entertainment studios Disney, Netflix, WarnerMedia and a few others threatened […]

Netflix Tries Again to Bully North Carolina on Transgenders

Long after North Carolina and dozens of businesses and organizations resolved a conflict over a policy to allow so-called “transgenders” (regardless of their genitalia) to use the public/business restroom of their choosing, Netflix is trying to stir up trouble again. According to Jonas Pate, the creator of a series called “OBX” who Netflix has contracted […]

Liberal Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Caves to Saudi Arabia

What is it about Silicon Valley corporations that make them want to pander to the sensitivities of oppressive dictatorships? The answer, of course, is earnings, share price and the almighty dollar. But the recent example in which television-streaming service Netflix yanked a program critical of the oppressive Saudi Arabia regime is extreme cowardice, even for […]