Some Big Tech Companies Don’t Join Call for Gun Control

Corporate activism for progressive causes has become so common, that it is now news when social justice warrior CEOs don’t sign joint letters that demand government to address their latest outrage. That’s the case following the recent mass shootings in the Texas cities of El Paso and Odessa, and in Dayton, Ohio. As part of the […]

Moralizing CEOs Exert Pressure Over Guns and Abortion Laws

The trend for corporations to use their leverage to exert influence on divisive public policies escalated last week, with the potential of driving off a significant segment of their customer and investor base, in the name of self-styled “corporate social responsibility.” In the higher-profile examples, tech-entertainment studios Disney, Netflix, WarnerMedia and a few others threatened […]

Silicon Valley Management Not Left-Wing Enough for Many Employees

Now we have another reason why corporations should welcome – and even seek – ideological diversity among their employees. Because now the workers are telling their bosses who they can and cannot do business with. In this case it is a number of companies in the largely leftist Silicon Valley tech industry, where many of […]

Silicon Valley CEOs Enter the Transgender Bathroom Wars Again

Legislators and a governor in yet another state are contemplating laws to protect privacy rights in public restrooms according to biological gender (rather than “sexual identity” or “gender fluidity”) – and once again Silicon Valley tycoons are banding together to oppose it. This time it’s Texas, about as red a Red State as there is, […]