Convicted San Diego Councilman Quickly Finds New Job

San Diego, of all places, lately has acquired an unwanted image as Sin City. In mid July, Acting Mayor Michael Zucchet was forced out of office – his first day on the job. His predecessor, Dick Murphy, re-elected by a close margin last November, had just resigned over allegations of mismanagement of the deficit-ridden public employees’ pension fund. But these scandals, which appear to be heavily driven by zealotry of political opponents, may be masking a bigger problem: a longstanding old-boy network of local politicians and union bosses.

That would seem to be the case with Ralph Inzunza, recently suspended from his job as a San Diego City Council member. He and Zucchet (who also had been a council member), both 35, were convicted in a federal trial court this July on extortion and fraud charges. The case centered on the pair’s acceptance of $34,500 worth of bribes and illegal … Read More ➡