Treasurer of Boston-Area Police Union Convicted, Sentenced for Thefts

The case of Sean Clark barely went noticed. And that was the way that the Somerville, Massachusetts Police Department seemed to like it – until the facts no longer could be hidden. Very recently, public radio station WBUR-FM in Boston, having examined a list of Commonwealth grand jury indictments involving law enforcement officers provided by the Middlesex County district attorney’s office, revealed that Clark had been convicted this March and sentenced in April for embezzling more than $83,000 during October 2017-January 2019 from his union, the Somerville Police Employees Association (SPEA). Officer Clark, who had a gambling problem, remains on the force, but probably not for long. The City of Somerville completed a probe at the end of March, and reportedly is recommending that he be fired.  

Union Corruption Update made note of this scandal back in January 2019. A source close to the local police department had revealed … Read More ➡