D.C. Union, Feds Begin Recovering Stolen Funds

Until about three years ago the Washington Teachers Union (WTU) had been run by what amounted to a theft and money-laundering ring.  Now the local’s new leadership has a message: It wants its money back – as soon as possible. With help from federal prosecutors, it’s begun the recovery process. Early this month the union filed a claim to the $31,178 seized by the government from a Charles Schwab account registered in the names of Gwendolyn Hemphill and her husband, Charles Hemphill. Mrs. Hemphill, formerly the local’s office manager, along with ex-treasurer James O. Baxter II, was convicted on August 31 on 23 counts of conspiracy, embezzlement and other offenses. It’s true that $31,178 is only a drop in the bucket in comparison to the $4.6 million or more that the local leadership ripped off. But prosecutors and the current local leadership would call it a decent start.


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